Reading list

Is history bunk? Historical materialism on trial

The life and ideas of Friedrich Engels

Liberty through struggle: Marxism vs. Queer Theory

Spontaneity, organisation and the role of the state: Marxism vs. Anarchism

The politics of division: Marxism vs. identity politics

The poverty of philosophy: Marxism vs. postmodernism

Their morals and ours: Marxism vs. pacifism

Marxism and modern science: Dialectics of Nature

System change, not climate change! Marxism and the environment

Class struggle and small circle mentality: Marxism vs. sectarianism

Class collaboration, compromise and the crisis of reformism

The history of the IMT

Is class struggle ‘Eurocentric?’ Marxism vs. postcolonialism

In defence of Marxist economics

The opium of the people? Marxism vs. religion

Why has capitalism failed?