About the IMT

The International Marxist Tendency is a revolutionary organisation with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. We organise in the workers’ and youth movement for the overthrow of capitalism and a socialist future for humanity!

Capitalism has reached a dead end. While a tiny minority amass obscene wealth, all over the world, we are seeing chaos and crisis unfold on a historical scale. Poverty, unemployment, war, hunger and disease are rampant and nobody seems to have any solutions. What is needed is a new society based on democratically planned production for human need, rather than production for profit. Only a revolutionary solution offers a way forward! 

We base ourselves on the theories of Marx and Engels, which were developed by Lenin, Trotsky and others in the Marxist tradition. These are the only ideas that can explain all the misery of capitalist society, and also provide a guide to action in our struggle for a better world.

If you agree with us and want to join in this struggle, join us and help put these revolutionary ideas into practice!